The Walls!

The Walls!
You know…
I talk to them                                        
They listen, quietly.
With them
I can be myself
I can shout
I can scream
I can cry
I can be silent too.
They do not JUDGE
They do not LEAVE me either
No matter what I do.
I feel so protected
I defeat Loneliness
The walls!


And she realises!


Trapped in some grotesque lies, she freezes.

The unbearable coldness of life,

A self –imposed silence,

A confiscated voice,

And some dormant anger.

The choice was always hers,

A choice that was so firm.

She cannot regret now…

A lost past and a lost future!

The only recourse she has…

The same old oath of acceptance.

Acceptance or denial – both ways she is doomed!

Life betrays!