My conversation with this amazing playwright!

Mahesh Dattani at Confluence 2010.

Mahesh Dattani at Confluence 2010.

‘Theatre being a mirror to society has a great deal of truth…’ says Mahesh Dattani while delivering his presentation on ‘The playwright’s Quest’ at Confluence – Asia International Literary Festival held recently in Guwahati. An attempt on mirroring the contemporary urban Indian society is very much a part of his theatrical output. Presently a resident of Mumbai, the playwright was born on 7th August 1958 in a Gujarati family settled in Karnataka then. This was his second visit to Assam, who first visited the state in 2007. The playwright’s short stay in the state is indeed appreciable, due to his wholehearted engagement with the audience, the students and above all the drama/theatre lovers. Continue reading


A prologue to my Blogging!

“Blog”, the very word sounded so interesting when I first came across the term… say around 9/10 years back, the time when I was pursuing my graduation. The first person who constantly advised me to write a blog is my friend turned husband…but without any materialisation on my part! One day I opened by blogger profile and posted a few posts that I had written earlier. But, with years of discontinuity, I finally lost track of it. I was less enthusiastic about updating my blog, than writing for the newspapers on theatre, film and my social concerns.
Then…the shift in my career. I came to Bangalore and joined a company and started my new career in content management. Reading, researching, writing…and finally creating a web article on Healthcare. In my case, the shift was from English literature, gender studies and theatre to healthcare writing; a shift form academics to corporate and a shift from students to customers and business partners. It was heavy on me… a new place, new life and new domain. Somewhat, I became too engrossed in my new work… and a bit of boredom as well.
Well…What all these narratives have to do with my blogging??? Narrative continues…In my new company, I got a chance to work with someone who is a regular blogger and has expertise in blogging. Now, it is her turn to influence me to update my blogging. And, as usual, I had the same answer to her motivating question “why do not you start you own blog as you like writing?”, I don’t get time to write, that was my answer. Then, one day, I got a mail from her… it was about her recent blog post where she has very beautifully recorded something related to my life…
Suddenly, something struck me…I thought, what harm in giving it a try again! But…again there was a pause…Finally, I left my first company in Bangalore. Blogging not yet resumed.
All of a sudden, one day, the phuska wallah (a small boy) who stands just below my house in Bangalore drew my attention. I had never tried his phuska till the other day, although he comes everyday with his portable phuska stall. That very first day, while having phuskas, I initiated a conversation with him. Without any hesitation he addressed me as “didi” and shared his dream that he too wants to study and be a successful business man. In two/three interactions with him, we (me and my husband) got to know a lot about him such as where he is from, which class he is in, and also the sad reality that his parents are no more in this world! He also said that his profit from this stall is very negligible, but he is without any option right now because he is without any capital to start a new business. He has to take care of his study as well.
His phuska stall is clearly visible from my balcony…and I started having phuska on regular basis (although I don’t have the craze for phuska) thinking that I can add a little to his profit. The other day, I was standing on my balcony, standing for quite a while. Suddenly, my attention got directed towards his stall…A bleak face! There was hardly any customer that day…and I could very well read the helplessness in his face!
Thought, I will resume by blogging with him…
His stall will be closed in the coming month (January, 2015) as he will be going back to his native to appear in the examination. His story will be continued…